Thursday, 14 February 2008

Apprentice candidate to speak at BU

Former Apprentice candidate Dr Sophie Kain is set to give a business lecture to Bournemouth University students early next year.

The quantum physicist will provide a business innovation talk to entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

The 33 year-old shot to fame on the BBC reality show, with her energetic and determined approach to the tasks set by Sir Alan Sugar.

The talk is a series of lectures hosted by the University’s latest society "Business Mania".
The business-based society is set to fill a gap in the University’s Clubs and Socs listing, which are mainly sporting and socially oriented.

Business Mania President Maris Kuklis said, "We’re all about helping students to start up and grow their own business. We offer advice and help provide links with local businesses so they can get a foothold in the community".

The Tourism Management student added, "There is nothing like this around at the University at the moment. So we decided to set ourselves up to appeal to those students who want to take their first steps into starting their own business".

The latest series of Business Mania events is the "START Programme" lectures run by the University Innovation Centre.

Rhyannan Hurst, Enterprise assistant at the Centre of Research and Knowledge Transfer, said, "The aims of the START programme are to provide a practical introduction to key disciplines required to successfully run a business, along with business mentorship, support and advice.

She added, "We would like this society to form a hub for students to discuss and share their skills, ideas and experiences".

To see Sophie Kain in action on The Apprentice and find out more about Business Mania visit