Thursday, 14 February 2008

Earth Charter chance offered to council

Bournemouth may become one of the first towns in the world to become a member of the Earth Charter.

In an impassioned speech at the Bournemouth Council meeting last week, Rabbi Neil Amswych stated: "There is a difficulty facing local government, in that everything has to be solved in the short term. The Earth Charter offers a long term solution to problems that may get over looked".

The Charter was set up to promote justice and democracy across the world. It also urges for a peaceful co-existence along with a respect for life, and outlines this under 16 major principles.

Rabbi Amsych, from the Bournemouth Reform synagogue, also added: "The Earth Charter is a long term social vision that more people want to see more than any other. We can be one of the first towns in the world to be a part of this and we can take that step together".

Many religious groups and organisations have signed up to the Earth Charter, but few towns have agreed to the charter.

After the meeting Rabbi Amsych told the Inquisitor that the initial signs are positive for the council to adopt the Charter.

"I don't know how the Council will respond. Early indications are positive, and I've had a request to bring it to Poole Council".

The decision will now be deferred and the decision will be revealed at the next full council meeting on the 21st February.

The Inquisitor is a student based newspaper at BU