Monday, 29 December 2008

TV Preview: The Krypton Factor

Cross Mastermind with Gladiators and the result is likely to resemble something close to The Krypton Factor.

Yes that’s right, the bright coloured tracksuits, 3-D logic puzzles and army assault course are back after a 14 year hiatus from our screens.

The previous incarnation, with George Burns at the helm, was always a dull low-key affair where nerds revelled in the brainteasers and mind bending problem solving. It’s a Knockout it certainly wasn’t.

Now Ben Shepherd takes up the reins, in what promises to be a more glamorous affair as a new set of contestants attempt to put their minds and bodies to the ultimate test.

Expect baffling questions and the always-amusing sight of boffins tackling an assault course, as ITV try and breath new life into this old family favourite.

TV Preview: Celebrity Big Brother

Is this wise? With memories of Shilpa Shetty’s infamous time in the house just about faded into the past, Channel 4 are set to dance with the devil once again with the return of Celebrity Big Brother.

After last year’s mundane Celebrity Hijack, programmers are certainly taking a risk, in bringing back what many see as an ailing concept especially after the furore caused during its last outing.

This time round though there won’t be a Goody in sight, as Davina McCall returns to play host, as do the unnecessary army of spin off analysis shows Big Mouth and Little Brother.

In this year’s Celebrity (a term used loosely), Vorne Taylor (Mini-Me from Austin Powers films), Ulrika Johnson and Ben Adams (of boy band A1 fame) have all been tipped to enter the House.

But whoever does feel that their career can go no lower and choose to participate, producers will certainly be hoping that the contestants will be slightly less controversial than the last batch.