Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dorset Fire Brigade offer advice to students

Dorset Fire and Rescue were on hand this week to offer advice to Bournemouth University students regarding fire safety.

The stand, which provided information ranging from smoke alarms to how to fireproof your home, were promoting free fire hazard inspections to students.

John Gaunt, Crew Manager of Dorchester fire station, stated: “We don’t get called to student houses very often but when we do it is normally very serious”.

He also highlighted the problems of some student housing with problems from estate agents.“We have come across places that haven’t had adequate safety checks. But we can inspect the premises and make appropriate recommendations”.

He added that the main reason for fires in student accommodation is the vast amount of equipment that students now own."If students attempt to cook after drinking too much then fires are going to happen, but if you take specific precautions then it could be the difference between life and death".