Monday, 17 August 2009

News: BU are playing it fair

BOURNEMOUTH University’s Fairtrade status has been successfully renewed for another year writes Matthew Kiernan.

The Fairtrade Foundation granted the award based on the University’s commitment to promoting Fairtrade products and policies around the campus.

The foundation highlighted the range of Fairtrade products on sale in the SU shop and the two Fairtrade coffee shops - in Weymouth House and outside the library - as its particular

BU’s Environmental Officer Amanda Williams said: “The progress over the past two years has been incredible and this is thanks to the co-operation of so many people at the University, including the Students Union, the Catering Manager from Scolarest and the Staff Common Room.

“This award is just the beginning. To maintain our status, the University must continue to develop in this area and report to the Fairtrade Foundation on an annual basis.”

Examples of Fairtrade products on campus include cotton-hooded tops in the SU shop and Fairtrade fruit sold in the refectory.

The Fairtrade foundation was set-up to ensure third world and disadvantaged producers of goods are not exploited.

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