Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Opinion: Graduating in DisMay

Life certainly isn't rosey at the moment if you are a final year student set to graduate in the summer.

Deadlines are mounting, the overdraft is beginning to bite and of course time is allthewhile rapidly disappearing into the ether.

Such New Year blues are probably not helped then, with today's new research that students graduating this summer are to do so in the worst job environment in over two decades.

The top 100 graduate recruiters in the country are cutting back on recruiting students by 17% and most positions for 2009 on graduate schemes have already been filled due to increased demand.

Investment banking opportunities have also declined by 44%.

Just what we need to hear...

On a personal level, this all hit home on Monday when Deputy Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo Nick Perkins visited our University to deliver a careers talk.

He recalled that Peter Kay once described comedy as being all about timing. Unfortunately as students we could have timed our course a bit better.

Still, one crumb of comfort in such a depressing economic climate is that at least those lucky few who do break into the industry will be the ones who truly want to achieve in journalism.

They'll be the ones who'll work for free, write to every editor in the land, apply for every job going and prepare to jump ship and re-locate in order to succeed.

I for one aspire to be a part of this category.

There certainly won't be any easy jobs in this climate.

Perkins ended his talk by amusingly describing budding multi-media trained reporters as the industry's "garlic bread" and more employable as a result due to more diverse range of skills.

As a multi-media journalist set to graduate in May, one can only hope he is right.