Monday, 29 December 2008

TV Preview: The Krypton Factor

Cross Mastermind with Gladiators and the result is likely to resemble something close to The Krypton Factor.

Yes that’s right, the bright coloured tracksuits, 3-D logic puzzles and army assault course are back after a 14 year hiatus from our screens.

The previous incarnation, with George Burns at the helm, was always a dull low-key affair where nerds revelled in the brainteasers and mind bending problem solving. It’s a Knockout it certainly wasn’t.

Now Ben Shepherd takes up the reins, in what promises to be a more glamorous affair as a new set of contestants attempt to put their minds and bodies to the ultimate test.

Expect baffling questions and the always-amusing sight of boffins tackling an assault course, as ITV try and breath new life into this old family favourite.