Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Cargo Ship & Ferry Crash (Fictional Story)

A collision between a cargo ship and a ferry has left Poole Harbour in chaos this morning, with two people dead and a toxic chemical leaking into the sea.

The victims, a man and a woman, in their 70's, both jumped into the sea seconds before a passenger ferry hitting a cargo ship.

The pair are rumoured to be related, although their identities are yet to be confirmed by Dorset Coastguard.

The remaining 30 passengers on the ferry though are safe, although some are suffering from hypothermia and shock.

There had been some doubt over the number of passengers that were safe, due to the confusion in the safety checks, but all passengers are now accounted for.

The situation at the Harbour worsened as it became clear that the chemical Lindane was leaking into the sea.

The highly toxic chemical, which is a banned pesticide in 52 countries, began leaking from the "Taurus" cargo ship after the collision.

The area has now been cordened off so the environment agency can assess the chemical's potential threat to life.

Tolden Lee, an environment agency spokesman said "it's vital that we can fully investigate into what has happened".

The beach has been evacuated and will remain so for the next 12 hours, altough could re-open sooner if the investigation goes to plan.

The incident happened at 10:15am when Taurus, which was in the wrong sea lane at the time, resultantly crashed into the chain link ferry in its path.

Torbay Seaway, the company of the cargo ship that was on its maiden voyage, have now taken full responsibility for the incident.

The managing director, Bridget Verdon stated: "We are an inexperienced team, there's no point in pretending, we are sorry".

Despite the doubt that now surrounds the company's future, Mr Verdon was quick to state that there would be "no scapegoats".

He also defended the company boldly stating that we will take "full corporate resonsibility" and a full internal inquiry in the coming weeks will be launched.